Install ROS software packs for UXA-90 robot Bình luận

The installation process required for the UXA-90 Humanoid robot ROS software based on NimbRo ROS Soccer Package. For more information please visit


  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (anything else and you are on your own)
  • Suggested kernel: Xenial Xerus

  • ROS Indigo

  • The QGLViewer library

  • GNU Scientific Library (GSL)

  • The G2O library

  • Controllers for Gazebo

  • Vision packages

  • Python dependencies

  • The ncurses Library

  • The x264 Library

  • GCC ARM Compiler

  • Doxygen Documentation System

  • Utilities (optional, choose relevant ones)


  • Clone my repository

  • Place the following into your .bashrc

System setup

The robotcontrol node needs realtime permissions to run reliably. Create a file etc/security/limits.d/nimbro.conf with contents (replace USER with your username)

You will need to log out and in again to load the security settings. Alternatively, you can use the following to emulate the login:

If you want to set up udev rules for devices you want to use, then refer to

For installation and deployment of the required files to the robots, a special installation folder is required:

A logging and backup directory is also required

For everything to work properly you may also need to modify the first two lines of your /etc/hosts to something like this, where mycomp is the name of your computer:

Build model

The nimbro utility (present once the script is sourced, e.g. in your .bashrc) can help you in your daily work. Type nimbro help for usage information. The command source is, as mentioned, in the script. Start by compiling the source code using the following command:

Launch model

If you get this issue in the terminal:

Please press Ctrl+C to break and try to fix:

  • Edit /usr/share/gazebo-2.2/

then change to

  • Edit /usr/share/gazebo/

then change to
Close all terminal and launch again

Install develop IDE

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